Requesting an Exception for CrowdStrike Blocking

If CrowdStrike Falcon is blocking (or suspected of blocking) an executable that you know it should not, you can ask for an exception so that it will allow the executable to run. Ideally this procedure should be completed by the department IT staff.

  • Contact ITS-Enhanced Endpoint Protection by filling out this TDX form

Make sure you click the option for “Troubleshooting issues related to the CrowdStrike Falcon sensor (including needs for exclusions)” and fill out all the information.

Note: exceptions, once approved, are tied to the path of the executable, so do not change its location otherwise it will be blocked again.

If extremely urgent, the CAEN Security Group (email to [email protected]) can reach out to IA using established communication back channels. The TDX form should still be filled out beforehand. Additionally, calling the 24/7 Data Center Operator (734-763-4000) can also triage and reroute urgent CrowdStrike blocking requests.